Friday, May 16, 2008

yeah, so...I've not been too good about keeping the blog going this week. It happens- sick little girl, getting ready to go out of town, etc, etc....Yes, I mentioned going out of town! WOOT! Matt and I are heading to New York City on Sunday. We're doing the Stationery Show and also celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary! I'm really excited to get out without the girls. Yes, I will miss them, but they will be having lots of fun with grandma. And, again, the blog will likely be left here, all lonely without updates until I return...
Vanessa is still improving, but not well enough to go to school...I really want her to be her energetic self again before we leave. What an awful virus I tell ya!

Here's my layout for today. Wanted to get the "boo-boo incident" down and documented while it was still fresh in mind. And look at what a ham she was being showing off her band-aid to me and her hospital bracelet (Which by the way, she is STILL wearing- it's her "souviner" LOL)

Have a great weekend!


Kimberly said...

i'm glad V is getting better (sorry she's not all the way better). hopefully she will be before sunday. have a wonderful trip!!! so exciting for you!

love the LO.

Patrice~ said...

happy anniversary!
enjoy your trip ~

Lea L. said...

Very cute layout!

Here is hoping that V feels better, and that you are having a fabulous time in NYC!