Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Monday Morning! Moving a little slower this morning, adjusting to not being on vacation. It was really great to have a little time off!
This morning, I thought I would post the remainder of the vacation photos- once again, there are quite a few here!

We started out the next morning to pick up a few things (coffee!) in the nearby little town of Hessel. They have a cute little marina with a gazebo that the girls really liked

We found our coffee and muffins for the girls at the cute little local grocery store

And the girls were really curious as to what these contraptions were LOL!

Then we made our way down the road to a park in Cedarville for the girls to run around for a bit.
Robyn enjoyed picking some flowers

Vanessa loved this little climber thing

Then we moved on down the road, a little past Cedarville to a roadside beach on Lake Huron for our picnic lunch.

We hung out and played here for quite awhile!

Vanessa was proud of writing her name in the sand!

A cute one of Matt and I

After we were all tired, we went back to the cabin for a bit and got ready to go to the swimming beach. I can't say how much i love this beach- it's nestled in the Hiawatha National Forest on Lake Huron, it's really close to the cabin, and it's like being on your very own private beach! We have rarely seen anybody else there when we are!
Robyn started out by burying herself in the sand :)

Brrrrr! That water is C-O-L-D- nothing like swimming in recently melted ice- ha!

I really love this one too...something about catching glimpses of my girls from behind I guess...

Kid surfing!

Vanessa was enjoying checking out flowers and stuff

Just look at that big belly!

The water was really high this year, so we had less sandy beach to play in, but the girls still enjoyed it!

Then they got tired and we headed on back to the cabin

The next morning, the girls are ready for more adventure!

We checked out a nearby nature preserve

Made silly faces while eating lunch at the cabin

And danced on their stage

Then, finally, we went into St Ignace to play and eat
Vanessa was in a mood for posing for pictures!

Robyn likes to give big hugs

And we played at a beach again- that is Mackinac Island you see out there

I sat here for awhile and watched the girls play and read a little bit

Then we went out to eat. For some reason, Robyn thinks she has to open her mouth as wide as possible when she sees the camera pointing at her LOL

And then we had ice cream

And here is the last one!

Whew! That was a serious amount of photographs- if you made it this far, thanks for looking!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Friday everybody! I started going through the vacation photos and even being very choosy about it, there are still a ton of pics, so I decided to split my photos into separate posts. Here is Part 1:

After driving all day, we were thrilled when we arrived at our motel for the night and checked out the beach front on Glen Lake (in the background, you can see the Sleeping Bear Dunes huge dune climb).

They had these fun little horse/tire swings that the 'cowgirls' loved!

Then we headed back to the lakeshore for some swimming and sand play

This is one of my very favorites

Then we had a campfire- Matt can get a fire started so well!

yummy s'mores!

Early the next morning, we started out with driving the scenic overlook drive in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. It was really foggy since it was so early. But, still fun :)
Here Robyn is overlooking a 450ft. almost straight drop to Lake Michigan. They made a point of posting a sign that the climb back up is extremely exhausting- so glad one of us didn't accidentally overstep around here!

Then off to the dune climb!

The girls quickly learned that climbing the dunes was no small task

This one is just too cute!

Although they weren't up for the hike to Lake Michigan, they really loved the dunes and played here a long time! That lake in the background is where we were swimming the day before.

Vanessa was proud of a cool rock she found buried in the dune

This place is seriously beautiful!!

The girls dug out little beds in the dunes to 'take a nap'

Hey, there I am!

After we had enough of the dunes, we took off for the cabin after eating some lunch. I always love seeing the Mackinac Bridge- almost there at this point!!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the photos! I'll be back with more soon!
Have a good day