Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hey there!
I'm the long lost blogger checking in and I have a big photo post today to show that we have been busy around here.

For starters, Happy Birthday to the sweetest guy I know!!

And, my little girl Vanessa turned

She had a blast on her day too- this is just a cute one of her being happy

Then, we also made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. We love this place!

There is the hay maze

The yummy donuts

And we can't forget the pony rides

Finally, last night, the girls had their combined birthday party at a jumpin' place- they had a blast! (Robyn's actual bday is next week)

Thanks for stopping by, I should be around more frequently now. Sorry to be gone for so long.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. My heart goes out to my dear friend Kimberly and her two little boys. Last week, Kimberly's husband passed away suddenly at the young age of 38. My heart truly does ache for Kimberly and her boys. I'm thinking of them constantly and hope they are able to find peace in their time of sorrow. There are a few auctions to help Kimberly on Emily Falconbridge's blog here, if you can can go check them out, I think the auctions close tonight.

I have not been able to get much scrappin' done lately. My thoughts are being consumed by Kimberly and her family, planning the birthday party for my girls, more birthday stuff for matt, work and more work, and also, politics. I'm ready for this election to be done with already!
But, I do have this quick layout to share with some photos from the Ren Fest. We had such a great time there this year. Vanessa is already planning for next year too :)

Have a good day.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Hey there!

We finally made it to the Renaissance Festival this weekend and it was a BLAST. The girls had such a wonderful time and so did Matt and I. Here are my highlight photos from the day...I narrowed down to only 3.

Vanessa's favorite "jumpy" ride. She SO loved this thing.

The girls participated in kid's pie eating contest- Robyn was in her glory!

And, lastly, the girls were presented before the QUEEN during her tea! She declared them princesses and "turtle race champions" and they received a loud HUZZAH for being so cute LOL

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a good day.