Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hey there!
I'm the long lost blogger checking in and I have a big photo post today to show that we have been busy around here.

For starters, Happy Birthday to the sweetest guy I know!!

And, my little girl Vanessa turned

She had a blast on her day too- this is just a cute one of her being happy

Then, we also made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. We love this place!

There is the hay maze

The yummy donuts

And we can't forget the pony rides

Finally, last night, the girls had their combined birthday party at a jumpin' place- they had a blast! (Robyn's actual bday is next week)

Thanks for stopping by, I should be around more frequently now. Sorry to be gone for so long.


Staci said...

Happy birthday to all the birthday boy and girls in your house! :-) What adorable pics, amie!! Noah's b-day party was at an inflatable place last year, and it was a blast! Btw, we'd love to have you at our halloween party - come on over! (you can't be *that* far, right?? ;-)

Lea L. said...

Lots of cute pics!! Should make for some fabulous layouts!