Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm back! And what a fun time we had in NYC, but it sure is wonderful to be back home with my sweet little girls. Just thought I would share a few of the many pics from the trip. Funny how I took a lot of pics, but not near as many if we had the girls with us.
My King Kong with the Empire State Building in the background

Here we are on the Statton Island Ferry

and we saw the Statue of Liberty!

And it was VEEEEERY windy!

Times Square is quite the busy place

We both really like hangin' in Central Park for a bit

Thanks for stopping by- I should have a few new projects to share soon! Have a wonderful day!


Lea L. said...

Awesome pics!! Sounds like you had a great time!


Patrice~ said...

two cuties!
amazing pictures!!!!

Tabitha W. said...

love the pictures! you got some amazing shots!!

Kimberly said...

love the pics. you are good.
so glad you had a great time. did you worry about the girls? or was it refreshing to be just the two of and matt....? what was it like?? lol...

glad you're back!