Thursday, April 17, 2008

YAY for spring! I was excited to see that my daffodils are about to bloom. And the forsythia- can't wait to add a splash of that springy yellow into some of my photos.

Well, here is my project share for today. Using goodies from a Dena Designs kit that should be appearing on QVC soon! :)

"just lovely"- yes, I even pulled out the ol' sewing machine!

"you're the best" card


Dina said...

Yay, Amie is a blogger. Cute stuff all around.

Rachael said...

Hey, when did you get a blog? Yay!!

Yay for spring too! Love your projects!! :)

Kimberly said...

that card is beautiful!
and...well....i'm stunned you broke out the sewing machine and didn't just use your stamp! :wink: good stuff!

Patrice~ said...

you're kids are cute.
as are your LO's, btw.

Patrice~ said...

let me try this again:

your kids are cute.
as are your LO's btw'.

sheeeeesh . . .

Chad & Amy Plus 3 said...

Love the blog!
Be careful it's addicting though!