Saturday, April 19, 2008

Today was bargain Saturday! YAY!

First, we went to the Kiwanis sale and I scored for the girls 3 dresses, 2 shirts, 1 shorts, and 1 hat for....$5.50! YAY for bargains!

Oh and we saw this really sweet chair/ottoman set...not too fond of the color, but the styles matches an old rocker we have perfectly- priced very right too! We didn't snag it today, but if I make my way there again next week and it is still there, then it will be meant to be.
Here's Vanessa pondering if this would be a comfy chair

We also stopped by the Farmer's Market for a bit and found some super yummy cookies!

Then later on, I had to make a quick trip to the store at the corner to get something for lunch and scored a FREE kids basketball hoop! YAY!

I think we are heading back outside now- have a great weekend!


Michelle said...

What awesome bargins Amie!!

Patrice~ said...

ohhh, amie, that orange chair and footstool are orange-y good!

cookies look yummy!

sounds like a great day!!

Tabitha W. said...

hi amie! found my here thru celeste's blog. wow, your girls sure have grown. and beautiful as always!

love the chair and a good bargain! i even like the color in a funky sort of way :)