Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Friday!

Been busy today with work, but looking very much forward to the weekend! Just thought I would share a layout I did today. I rarely use black and white photos, but I recently downloaded these actions from the Pioneer Woman thanks to Celeste and I am loving this black and white conversion! So, thanks for the tip there Celeste and by the way, if you don't already visit her blog, go check it out- she has a cool challenge posted today!

so- here's the layout- lovin' the Daisy D's stuff!


Kimberly said...

love love LOVE LOVE the LO!!!!!!
happy weekend to you!

Patrice~ said...

just love the circular goodness of your LO! which reminds me - I need more buttons.

Rachael said...

Cool layout!!! Love the b&w conversion!!

I LOVE the Daisy D paper too!! It's so different!