Tuesday, April 22, 2008

fun, fresh, and funky- the 3 f's of this little project from an upcoming QVC kit. Fresh pattern, fun colors, and funky style abound! love it! :)
Hopefully, you'll be seein' these on the next QVC show (of course, sometimes they don't get to run everything scheduled, so no definites yet, but hopefully!!)

And, being the crunchy, hippie, earth lover that I am....I'm giving away a RAK in honor of earth day if you create a project with *something* recycled. Post it here and I'll do a drawing in one week!

Have a fun Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!


Lisa said...

Cool beans...that's a really great thing to do!

Kimberly said...

happy earth day hippy chick! in honor of earth day i'm conserving gas today!

if i had any mojo i'd scrap something too (using something recycled). i just suck at scrapping right now!

Celeste said...

how cute! i'll try and play but no guarantees!

Patrice~ said...

you're the clever one, amie!
hmmmmmm, wonder what I can recycyle? does dh count?? heheeehe

Celeste said...

here is my recycled project. a card for t's birthday made entirely from scraps from my scrap bin :)