Tuesday, June 09, 2009

SUMMER! I think I need to say that again... SUMMER!

This is the last week that I am a mom to a little girl in kindergarten! She is about to be an real, live 1ST GRADER! *gasp* Seriously, this is SUCH a big deal to her. I had no idea. In a lot of ways, this is more momentous in her mind than starting kindergarten. I am definitely a proud proud mommy and can not believe the amount of learning that has taken place this past year....reading, writing, making up poems, incredible advancements in her artistic abilities, the list goes on and on!

And yes, we are VERY ready for the summer fun to start...picnics, swimming, maybe some camping, summer festival, getting together with friends and family. Looking forward to it! What are your favorite summer activities?

I'll just leave you with this simple little layout I did about the "wishing well"

Peace & Love

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