Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Good morning! School has begun- Vanessa is officially a kindergartner and she really really really LOVED her first day. She played with "the girl in the brown tank top" (I supposed we will find out her name eventually) and liked her teacher a lot. And, she was super proud of her new SuperGirl backpack, complete with pink AND bling! Robyn had her first day solo at preschool too. She did wonderfully and had no problems adjusting to Vanessa not being there with her.
Here are the pictures from this morning.

Robyn wouldn't look at me for a pic this morning...

And Miss V was very very excited about this new kindergarten business!

So, hopefully, things will start to be a little less busy here and I can be more consistent with posting on my blog. I know I have some sneak peeks coming up soon for some brand new products to be featured on QVC the 23rd, so keep checking back for those.
I'll leave you today with this little Robyn layout- I love this girl's smile!

Have a great day!


Lea L. said...

Oh my goodness....those photos are so darn cute!! And so is your layout!


Rachael said...

Oh my, she looks so stinkin' proud to go to kindergarten!!!

They are such cuties!! Love the layout too!

Staci said...

Such an adorable layout, Amie, and your girls are soooo cute!! Glad K is going well and preschool too! My son starts preschool thursday, ack!

Patrice~ said...

V really has it allllll
goin' on, amie!!!

gorgeous pics
of such prettty little girls!