Monday, January 19, 2009

Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends line is one of my favorites because it is a collaboration of our friends and family that have made this line possible. I also like this line because of the unique and different styles and color usage brought together under one umbrella.
Here are a few cool projects from the Circle of Friends

And this fun little mini- yep, that is me as a little girl!

Have a great day!


Asha said...

Those two little girls, I'm assuming they are your daughters, are so cute! And I don't tell people that often because I'd be lying. Just adorable!!

Patrice~ said...

really really dig the colors, amie.
and the multi-pic of your girls - sweet!
you do have a way with your creations and mini-albums - well-balanced, colorful, and very pleasing visually!!!

Kimberly said...

such good stuff amie.

Rachael said...

Great colors!! Love the mini especially!! So cute!

小小彬 said...